Today on the blog, instead of sharing any self-help content, I want you guys to discover yourself better with the following thought provoking questions. Believe me or not, the kind of questions that you ask yourself are the ones which determine the life you lead. If you ask yourself limiting questions, you’ll get the limited results while if you ask yourself awe-inspiring and forwarding questions, you’ll lead to better results.

While serving as an HR in the past couple of years, I discovered that questions are the key to self awareness and personal growth. Remember, it’s ok not to have answer to all your questions in the beginning. Sometimes, your mind is just too foggy since you’ve never asked yourself the right questions. But the more you ask, the more clarity you will get and the more ready you will be to receive the answers.

Here are 20 significant questions for your self-reflection. These questions will help you to discover yourself better and get mental clarity about certain things. You don’t need to answer all of them at single shot – they are meant to be reflected duly over time, as part of your growth journey.

1. What is that one thing that you love the most about this life?

2. What are you most passionate about?

3. What are you currently struggling with?

4. List 5 things that you are most grateful for.

5. What does your dream life look like?

6. Name the top two emotions that you are feeling at this moment.

7. Do you care about what people think about you. If yes, why?

8. All that you are doing now will help you reach your future goals?

9. What areas of your life you need to improve?

10. What are the five qualities that you love about yourself?

11. How do you describe the best version of yours?

12. If you could relive one moment, what would it be?

13. List a moment when you stood up strong for yourself.

14. Are you confident in decision making or confused?

15. When do you feel the most inspired, motivated and charged up person?

16. List 3 things that often holds you back.

17. How can you love yourself more today?

18. What short term losses are you willing to accept to have amazing future gains?

19. Who are the top five people you spend the most time with? Are these people enabling you or holding back?

20. If you had one year left to live, what are the top three things you want to do?

If you want to make the optimum use of these questions, then please don’t rush for all the answers immediately. Take a journal prompt or a notebook to jot down the answers to these questions gradually after the thorough analysis of your thoughts.

If you’re feeling stucked or do not find the mental clarity, drop your queries in the contact column

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My name is Shweta Thangri. I truly believe that our life is shaped by our thoughts, so I’m here to make change in your lives with my practically acknowledged skills and help you meet your higher self.

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