Hey friends!! I’ve turned 25 last week. I can’t quite believe that I’m quarter of a century old. And it is somewhere making me a little nostalgic to think back through all the years that I’ve spent on this beautiful earth.

From being an HR to Life and Mindset Coach, or awarded as a state topper in high school and masters, from lost confidence (due to fungal infection on face) to winning the title of Miss Photogenic, 2020, getting my dream job right after graduation, starting a blog. Oh my my, life has been pretty amazing and so many things have happened in such a short time frame.

And of course, there have been the situations which shattered my life as well. Loss of immediate family members, five years of struggle with face problems, lost confidence, seeing my first business failing, fake friendships and internal struggles. But to be honest, even though these events shattered me but they’re the ones which made me a stronger person and helped me to understand the true meaning of life. It made me realize that life is not meant to be taken for granted so I do what I love without caring about what others will think.

Undoubtedly, life is a mix of sugar and salt. But I’m grateful to these 25 years for everything that life served me with. And the best thing about being 25 is that I’m still learning. Each day, I’ve an opportunity to discover something new about myself and the world around me.

Ok so today on this blog post, I’m going to share 25 things that I’ve learned in past 25 years. These lessons are the result of different experiences and situations that life thrown at me.


25 things I've learned in 25 years

1. Don’t take life for granted

We spend half of our life worrying about the things which are not even necessary. These worries are very trivial and unreal but it has serious impacts on our mental health. So stop being a victim of your own thoughts and learn to cherish every moment. It’s ok to feel low sometimes, but don’t let those thoughts control you. Instead focus on how can you make things better.

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2. Not all your loved ones love you

Have you ever experienced that no matter how hard you tried, some people never appreciate the love and care you depict towards them. Well I’ve been there. And you know what, it’s ok. Don’t let the cruelty of others make you harsh. Be known for your good deeds and kind nature.

3. Happiness is in simple things

Well, the most ineradicable memories that I have are in the little moments of my life. Sometimes, when I feel low, all I need is a walk in the woods under the clear blue sky or a phone call with my friends. Or sometimes sitting quietly in the nature or eating my favorite homemade cup cakes.

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4. You’re more than you think

I’ve seen people who hold themselves back because of their own self-doubts and lack of confidence. But my life has been in such a way where I wasn’t given a choice. There have been situations where I  had to stand up strong because there was no  option. But those were the times, where I actually realized that we are more than we think, we are stronger than we think. And once you make a clear and strong mindset about any particular thing, there’s no force on this earth which can stop you.

5. Time doesn’t heal everything

Often times, we are being told that time heals everything. But unfortunately, it’s not the truth. It is not the time that heals everything, but the ways how you utilize your time in order to heal the wound. If you’ll keep thinking about the loss, then it will result into more stress, worries and depression in the long run. So it’s important to stand up strong for yourself and take some initiatives in order to overcome the circumstances. You can also seek professional help if necessary.

6. Always listen to your gut feeling

When you get that intuition that something is right and wrong, do not ignore it. Most of our answers are hidden in the gut feeling that we get. You’ll get the answer before you even realize so please trust your instincts.

7. Take Risks

The worst thing that we do is not coming out of our comfort zone. Take risks and test your limits. I was doing really good in my career, a white collared job in a bank with a lucrative salary package. But working in a corporate made me realize that this is not something that I want to do. I had different passion and interests.

Leaving my 9-5 job was not an easy task because I had a fear of managing my expenses in the future. But regardless of all that, I opted for what my mind and heart truly want. And trust me, this is the best decision that I’ve ever made. I now have flexible working hours, a satisfactory work life, and an opportunity to meet new people every day which is worthwhile.

8. Skincare first, make up second

Although makeup is great for covering and enhancing your looks but a good base means you don’t need much makeup anyway. Instead of relying on makeup for covering flaws, rather make changes in lifestyle and follow healthy skin care rituals. So yeah, never forget sunscreen, take off your makeup every night, moisturize, use Vitamin C serums and drink 3-4 ltrs water every day.

9. Don’t be a people pleaser

Remember, you’ve not came here on this earth to impress people or society. When you’re being a people pleaser, you start doing things in order to impress people. You do things which you’re not enjoying but you still keep doing them for the sake of others. And in case, if you don’t get the expected attention or praises, it can make you feel inferior, paranoid and dissatisfied with your own self.

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10. Crying is a cure to so many problems

Lol, many of you must be thinking what has she written, has she gone mad? But guys, trust me crying doesn’t make you weak. For me, crying sometimes is very satisfactory. It’s ok to cry when you’re feeling frustrated. It’s ok to cry when you feel things are falling apart. But remember, once you’ve cried enough, stand up, wipe off your tears and dive back into the life. Instead of letting things hold you back, focus on solutions.

11. Travel far and wide as much as you can

I once read that travelling to one place is equivalent to reading five books. Travelling helps to broaden the horizon of minds because when one travels, it gives the opportunity to explore diverse cultures and meeting new people with distinctive lifestyles. Travelling helps to break the monotony of life and the relaxation that comes from travelling helps to rejuvenate the mind and soul.

12. ME-TIME is very significant

We nowadays, are so busy in our daily hectic routines that me-time is literally last on the agenda. But it is important to understand that constantly being “on” to something doesn’t give the chance to rest and replenish. Alone time helps to clear your mind, focus and gives clarity about different spheres of life. Thus, I make sure to take out one hour for myself everyday and no matter what, that’s a priority.

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13. It’s important to have goals

I always say that having clarity about goals and having intentional plans is very imperative. Now why goals? Because goals give us a purpose to do things intentionally and utilizing our time and energy wisely so that we can make most of our life.

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14. Don’t forget your roots

No matter where you reach at your life, never forget the roots where you come from. Life is a struggle for everyone. The only difference is that some people have an advantage at something – Be it wealth, health, creativity, intellectual level, innate talent or much more. But everyone has their own journey of struggles and challenges. If you lose the sight of your roots, it will take no longer to lose the sight of how far you’ve came and the struggles you’ve faced along the way.

15. Always have Plan-B

I believe it’s very very important to have a back-up plan. We need to understand that things doesn’t always go according to what we have planned. So, Plan-B is something that helps us in disastrous times. Having a plan-B helps you to stand up strong at the times of failure. Instead of feeling low, stressed out or considering yourself as a failure, back-up plan fills you with confidence and strength.

16. Never lose the kid within you

You know it’s good to be mature, wise and sagacious. But at the same time, one must not lose one’s weird and innocent side. A child simply learns and understands the life in its simplest form. But we people nowadays are an expertise in creating complications out of the simplest things. Learn to have fun in your own company. Learn to embrace the real you, the stupid you and the weird you.

17. It’s always a great idea talking to strangers

Well I’m someone who loves to travel. And my travelling is never limited to seeing the destinations, capturing pictures or dressing up. Rather I love to explore the most random trails, meeting new people, making new friends and knowing about their life. We all have different journeys and different stories and guess what, the stranger people have the most captivating stories to tell. Talking to strangers not only give you an opportunity to have conversation, but you get to learn numerous things that no book will tell you and no mentor can teach you. It’s totally a different experience.

18. Sociology is a valuable major

Despite of what people think, sociology has taught me a plethora of life lessons like the significance of compassion, kindness, humanity and acceptance. There are endless issues going on around the globe and the country alone that people are oblivious to. And I believe we need a little more open-mindedness and willingness to find solutions.

19. TO-Dos are life savior

If you’re the one who often forget to get your things done owing to busy schedules, then to-dos will definitely prove to be a life savior for you. I often make To-Dos in the morning in order to avoid procrastination. It helps me to prioritize tasks and get things done in the committed time period.

20. Bad times are blessings

We often blame god or people around us for our bad times. But have you ever realized that bad times inadvertently teach us lot of things that otherwise we can never learn. To be honest, for me bad times has always been a blessing. I’ve always learned new life lessons from my different bad experiences. And bad times are the one which made me understand the situations and people even more wisely. It helped me to become stronger, independent decision maker and wiser in different spheres of my life.

21. Parent’s money is for necessities, not luxuries

Well, in India, it is always seen that kids are dependent upon their parents to meet their financial needs, They often burden parents to fulfill their luxurious demands like having expensive cars, gadgets, clothes or much more.  It’s important for kids to understand that parent’s money is not for your luxuries. If you really are so passionate about such things, have the courage to get it at your own. Wanna travel the world – work hard, earn money and travel. Wanna buy that expensive car – Work hard and buy it. Do not burden your parents to satisfy your demands.

22. Don’t stress over people’s opinion

No matter how hard you try, not everyone will like you. Learn to be okay with it. See, everyone has different personalities and likings. And if you think that you can behave according to the liking of another person, then my love, you’re not being fair to yourself. Everyone will have different opinion for you – good or bad, don’t stress over it.

23. Don’t take things personally

Taking everything personally can lead you to the serious state of dissatisfaction and sadness. No matter how good you’re doing, you’ll never feel satisfied if you’ve the habit of taking things personally. Remember, what people say or do is not always about you. If you take each and every thing personally, then these are your own insecurities which you really need to work upon.

24. Always believe in god’s plan

I have experienced that god’s plan is always the best. Every time if I have lost something, it has always been replaced with something even more tremendous and beautiful. God’s plan may be painful or tough, but he has always something more beautiful than your desires.

25. Contentment over happiness

Well, happiness is a roller coaster of ups and downs while contentment is a steady state that find the good in the bad and make it work either way. Lots of people spend their lives searching for happiness. Instead of doing that, I’ve started acknowledging the little details in my every day life that brings me contentment.

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  • Wow this blog post is amazing & quite relatable. No wonder you’ve been through so much in your past & equally you have achieved “like a superkick to the goal post”. I will always be your audience cheering for you.. Come on Shweta next 25 years bohot goal marne hay.

    • Thank you so much for your constant support Runesh. I’m so grateful for all the experiences for it has helped me to turn into the person I am today. Andy yes, all set to conquer this beautiful life in the upcoming years.

  • Really life is a great lesson which teach us all real and true facts. Living each day and learning from each mistakes of our life makes us feel the happiness. Good work . Keep it up.

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