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Unstoppable confidence is something that we all want to owe, but unfortunately a single comment, event, relationship or a person is enough to break it drastically. I’m sure we all have been through the situations which literally shattered our confidence level and made us feel unworthy. Or sometimes we are so insecure about ourselves that even if it’s not for us, we still have the bad habit of taking things personally. This all happens because of lack of confidence.

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What is unstoppable confidence and where does it come from?

Well, confidence is an emotion which helps you to take challenges head on, becoming more productive and getting your life together at your own terms.

But where does it really come from?

According to my experiences, the true confidence comes from within and by taking actions. Half of our life revolves around thinking about Ifs, I wish, I want and so on. But we never really focus on taking actions. We have genius ideas in our minds but still we get stuck more in the thoughts running in our head. And ultimately, this over-thinking doesn’t let us take actions. The only difference between the confident and timid is that confident person do it while a timid only keeps thinking about it.


I vividly remember I had severe fungal infection on my face during the finishing year of my graduation. It was completely a confidence breaking phase in my life. I stopped going to college and anywhere out. It was very satisfying to stay indoors and not to face any person out there. But practically, self-isolation was not the solution. Approximately after one month, I decided to step out and attend my classes. But deep inside, there was a massive fear of getting bullied or encountered with any harsh comments.

But regardless of all the fear and insecurities, I still stood up strong for myself and face the world out there. And today when I look back at that phase, I just smile and remind how it turned me into a stronger person. It reminds me that how I learned the real meaning of beauty and realized how significant inner beauty is. So what my point here is that one single action i.e. facing my fear with all the courage gave me a life time confidence to confront and conquer anything. And on top of that, I learned how everyone has their own struggles and how important it is to be kind to everyone, how beautiful it is to give a compliment to a stranger that makes their day. What makes you beautiful is your inner beauty.

Here I’ve shared some tips which helped me to create healthy mindset to deal with different circumstances and hardships.

Unstoppable confidence – 5 steps to make it so you don’t have to fake it.

When Priyanka Chopra Jonas said, “Confidence is the key to success”, she means it. Sometimes our worst critic is our own thoughts which creates huge barriers in our own success. So here I’m sharing five ways to achieve unstoppable confidence. Don’t just read it, follow them in your daily routine and see how life changes.

five ways to have unstoppable confidence

Start with baby steps

I’m sure even at this current moment, there must be the things going on in your head that you want to accomplish, but you’re not taking action. Today, write down a goal for you, look for the ways and means to achieve it. Break it into smaller steps and take actions. What will happen at most? You might fail, but you will still achieve confidence that you gathered the courage to do it anyhow. So please don’t just think about it, but do it anyway.

Have a disciplined routine

Well, I started feeling very unproductive when I don’t follow a disciplined routine. By disciplined routine, I don’t mean a tight and jam-packed schedule, but a proper time management in order to get your things done in a committed time period. A healthy routine will help you to avoid procrastination and will make you feel more productive throughout the day. These simple changes in your daily routine will help you to feel confident about yourselves and will make you believe in yourself a little more.

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Embrace failures

Fear of failure is one of those things that can leave you feeling paralysed. Getting encountered with a failure doesn’t mean you’re a dumb. Often times, our failures have a huge impact on our confidence level. It’s very easy to feel like we’re not good enough. But guys, remember if you really want or reach the paradigm of excellence, you have to make failures a friend in your journey. When you’ll master the art of learning from your failures and embracing them instead of complaining, you’ll turn out to be more stronger and fearless person.

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Remember the loudest is not the confident

I once read a quote that insecurities are loud, while confidence is silent. And this quote left a very deep seated effect in my mind. Remember, a person in the room who keep proving oneself, try to be the center of attraction by raising their voice is the one who is the most insecure. While a confident person doesn’t need to prove themselves because they are aware about their worth. So next time, even if you find yourself doing humble brag, just stop and ask yourself there – Do I really need to prove myself to others? Do other’s opinions really matter?

Be realistic

I believe true confidence comes from within. But in this materialistic era, it is very easy to get trapped in the crowd of rat race. So if you really want to attain long lasting confidence, you have to be true to yourself and everyone around you. You have to accept yourself wholeheartedly – every strength and every flaw. Don’t waste your life imitating others and being like someone else.

What are your keys to achieve confidence?

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  • Hey Shweta Mam ,

    Excellent post with fabulous work. You have provided key tips to achieve an unstoppable confidence. Yes it is true that unstoppable confidence is a thing that every person wants to get but only a one single person & comment is enough to destroy it. Confidence is an emotion that lets a person to accept the challenges. Yes i have already been passed through a tough situation where my confidence level have been broken down and i can’t decide that whether what to do or what not. But the thing here is that we should not let our emotions to control our self and we should not let our confidence level to broke down. Our confidence level provides us a great support to handle & overcome the tough situations.

    Starting with a baby steps is really good start at the beginning. Having a disciplined routine is truly crucial for avoiding the procrastination and to stay more productive. Yes i completely agree with your words that if we really want to achieve long lasting confidence then we must have to be true to ourself & other persons too.

    After going through this complete guide i really got many ideas and
    learned about various ways to achieve an unstoppable confidence. I
    am dam sure that this post will definitely help lots of people in
    achieving unstoppable confidence in themselves.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge, ideas and such an inspirational post.


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