Well, it’s a very popular saying that “BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND”. But what does it really mean by being your own best friend? To understand this phenomenon, let’s frame a picture in your mind about what best friends really are and how we can apply this to build a sense of purpose in the world.

Best Friends brings out the best in each other

Best Friends are not someone who are just good together, but they are good for each other. They are aware about the weaknesses and potentials of each other and helps to uplift each other.

Best Friends have fun together

Best Friends are not serious all the time and they know how to have fun together. They always do fun activities and never let each other get old in mind and spirit.

Best Friends are loving and honest to each other

Best Friends loves each other unconditionally and are honest to the core. They never feel shy to share the truth and are always being honest to each other. They are the first ones to tell you if you would have gain some extra pounds.

Best Friends celebrate each other’s success

Best Friends are the one who are never jealous of each other’s achievements. Instead, they feel happy for each other and celebrate each other’s successes and help to overcome the failures.

Why you should be your own best friend?

Why you should be your own best friend?

Well, why being your own best friend? I’m sure you all must have read the quote – Never put the key of your happiness into someone else’s pocket. But how often do we practically follow this advice? We all have stories in our life where we felt unhappy by the deeds of others. But have you ever thought why the deeds of others make us unhappy? Well, it is because of the huge expectations that we keep from others.

Having huge expectations from others can lead to major disappointments, heartbreaks and even relationship breakdowns if the expectations aren’t met. But please tell me one thing here – Why do we keep expecting from others even if we have all that inside us which we keep seeking externally. I mean can’t we love ourselves? Or take care of ourselves? Can’t we go out to new places with ourselves? Or make scrumptious meals for ourselves?

Is there anything that you can’t do at your own? Well guys, remember that we all have to do numerous things at one point of life which we avoid today because of our fears, laziness or whatever. But, all you need to do is to believe in yourself. Having a strong support system is good, but what if there is no one to help you or the ones that you rely upon are unable to be there for you. This is where you need your own self and where you need to be your own best friend by being there for you.


Here are the six ways to know how you can support yourself without relying on others. Practice these simple practices to become self-reliant and your own best friend.

Six ways to be your own best friend

1. Be Compassionate to Yourself

Self-compassion is about how positively you treat your sufferings, failures, disappointments or something that you don’t like about yourself. Compassion isn’t forceful. But it is accepting yourself peacefully and wholeheartedly without actively controlling or changing something. Having compassion for oneself is no different than having compassion towards others.

2. Practice Self-Care

By this, I mean to be kind to your physical and mental well-being. Just like you always want to see your best friend healthy and happy, you should also treat yourself the same way. If you’ll have a well-cared body, it will inculcate confidence within you and will also convey that you value yourself. Alongside, your mental well-being goes a long way to sustain you during the life challenges where you’ll have to respond emotionally.

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3. Discover yourself

As we know, best friends know each other well. They understand each other without even saying. So this practice will help you to know your own self better in the process of being your own best friend. Figure out what things make you feel truly motivated and contented. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? The more you’ll get to know about yourself, the more it will be easier for you to love and respect yourself.

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4. Realize that you’re worthy

Most of us, when fail in any particular aspect of life, start considering ourselves as “constant failures for life”. But we need to understand that life doesn’t end here, it’s a long journey of ups and downs. I myself have a long list of failures, but I never let those failures define me. Instead I always used them as powerful tools to learn and grow as an individual. Next point will help you to understand better how to overcome failures and take life lessons from them.

5. Imagine how would you assist your most loved one in the same situation

So that’s my favorite technique to overcome the situations that disturbs me. If you get stuck in any kind of problem, take a deep breath, calm down and think about the person you love the most. Now, imagine if that person would be in the same situation, how would you have helped him or her.

  • What advice will you give?
  • How can you assist that person?
  • What is the most practical thing to do right now?

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6. Focus on the positive side of life

Well, positive thinking is an emotional and mental attitude that focus on the bright side of life. Of course, it is not possible to stay positive all the time, that’s impractical. Because the different life situations have different impact on our mood. But all you need to make sure is that the negative situations should not take control over your life. Just like you cheer up your best friends at the time of hardships, treat yourself the same way.

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  • Hey Shweta Mam ,

    Excellent and well-explained post. I truly appreciate your hard-work.

    Glad to say that you have done a fabulous work and mentioned key tips here to become our own best friend and i completely agree with your each tips. You have elaborated each tips very nicely in simple words that is really easy to understand and is providing better understanding as well.

    Being true to our-self is also a great key to be our own best friend. Practice self-care, be compassionate to ourself, focus on positive side of life and realizing that we are worthy are really good tips. Failure can,t be an end, as it teaches us several things and makes us more better.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such an inspirational post.

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