Well we all have some negative people in our lives. Isn’t it? And if you don’t have, I tell you – You’re blessed.

Have you ever experienced that someone’s energy level made you feel down? May be it’s your friend, relative, co-worker, immediate family member or so on. I remember while working in a corporate, I had a co-worker who was in a state of panic. He always had complaints from life and zero satisfaction level. Moreover, he always used to discourage others with his pessimism, negative talks and constant judgments.


Imagine being constantly discouraged from pursuing your dreams. Why? Because it may be too big and very few people achieve that. Imagine if you’ve to confront constant warnings for trying some new skill like scuba diving or horse riding. Why? Because it might be too dangerous. Likewise, imagine if you have to face negative judgements on regular basis. Constant exposure to negativity can make you feel negative about yourself leading you to the state of self-doubt, low confidence and frustrated.

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You become what you surround yourself with

Well I’ve been there and the advice I often receive was to walk away from such people. But to be honest, it is easier said than done. Say for example, if you’ve a negative immediate family member. What will you do? Will you leave them? Of course, it’s not practical and especially for we Indians, because for us, family is always a priority.

So let’s talk about some practical ways to deal with such people who bring down your mood and energy level merely by their presence in your life.


Five ways to deal with negative people

1. Don’t take personally

Well I know how disturbing it can be when someone passes negative comment or judgements. But you know it really has nothing to do with you. It’s the problems and insecurities of their own which speaks loud and comes out as criticism towards others. So, it is very significant not to take things personally that other people do or say. Detach yourself from the frustrations of negative people and don’t internalize them as your fault.

2. Be empathetic to negative people

Instead of blaming, assuming or attacking them, treat them with empathy and kindness. You know these people are already going through so much internally that they don’t share with anyone and ends up feeling frustrated and negative. Don’t keep saying them that “they shoud stop being so negative”. Instead treat them with compassion and empathy. Try to understand why they behave this way and help them (atleast try to listen them).

SELF-REFLECTION is the best way to recognize why a person is feeling in a certain way.

3. Respond Calmly

Ok, so this is for the kind of negative people who are contented in their own life but they cherish gossiping and making judgements about others. Do not get aggressive on such people because no matter how hard you try, these people are habitual to this. If they’re gossiping, making judgements or trying to put others down, simply change the conversation. And if this doesn’t work, walk away from there. You don’t need to let other’s energy make you feel low or negative.

4. Know your boundaries

Be firm with your boundaries. When someone say or does something which is not acceptable or crosses the line, make it known. Don’t just blindly absorb every comment that you are being bombarded with. Remember if you’ll be too quiet, you’re creating the impression that you are accepting everything that is being said. It’s important to understand the situation wisely. And stick upto your beliefs, time and energy because otherwise people will take advantage of you.

5. Clear your head afterwards

It irrefutably is the fact that dealing with negative people drains your energy as well. So whenever you’ve to deal with such folks, take some time afterwards to recharge your emotional batteries. The best way is to talk to someone who uplifts your spirit or you can do something which makes you feel happy. Failing to do this is like failing to wash your clothes after wading through mud. If you’ll not remove that negative energy from yourself, the negativity can stick to you.

How do you deal with negative people?

I hope this blog post has given you some tips to deal with negative energy that comes your way.

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  • Hey Shweta mam ,

    Excellent post with Fab-work. I truly appreciate your hard works and thoroughly enjoyed reading this post.

    Glad to say that you have suggested the best & effective ways to deal with negative people. It is true that negative people leaves bad impact in our life and always demoralize, discourage others people from achieving their life goals. The people with negative mindset always spread negative vibes all around that is really frustrating for others.

    Yes i completely agree with your words that a constant exposure to negativity can makes us feel uncomfortable and give rise to self-doubts and low self-confidence. Negative people always discourage others with their constant judgement and negative talks on regular basis that is really disturbing.

    I completely agree with your each & every tips that you have suggested to deal with negative people. Be empathetic, respond calmly to negative people are really good tips. It is also essential to take stand for ourself instead of being quiet & accepting the things that are being said by negative people. No matters that what negative people are saying about us and we must have good self confidence and believe in our self. You have elaborated each tips in an impressive way that are really providing better understanding. Adopting these tips will be a great helping hand and provides a great support in dealing with negative people.

    After going through this complete guide i really got helpful ideas and this post is very useful for me.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge, ideas and such an inspirational post.

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