Creating a healthy mindset is an investment in one’s overall well-being. But what do you consider when you talk about a healthy mindset? Well, I remember last year how obsessed I became with what I eat and how often do I go to gym. And how guilty I used to feel when I eat cheat meals and skip gym. Though my body was healthy, but it was only my mind which was a toxic place because I feed unrealistic expectations into this.

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In this blog, I’m sharing five regular habits that you need to adopt in order to cultivate a  healthy mindset. If you’re an overthinker, perfection oriented or procrastinator, this blog post is for you


A healthy mind involves finding ways and means to grow from your own thoughts and problematic circumstances instead of letting them control you. Rather than dwelling on a negative thought until it becomes disturbing, a healthy mindset either move beyond that thought or simply accept it. Instead of obsessing over positive mindset, we should rather focus on cultivating a healthy and clear mindset.

Read this post to have healthy and clear mindset even if you feel negative sometimes.


Based on the information that I gathered from different resources, I’ve figured out the 5 Cs of a healthy mindset in order to cultivate fulfillment, joy and success within us.


Five Cs of healthy mindset


When we are stucked with pressure and unfavourable situations, it becomes quite challenging to calm our mind. But the problem is when our thoughts are all over our head, it becomes quite difficult to see the things as they really are. This is why, bringing awareness to what’s happening and what we are thinking is very significant. By practicing the techniques that can calm your mind is one of the marvelous way to recognize when you’re overthinking or worrying about insignificant matters.


Undoubtedly, we live in the world of distractions which has made it quite easier to lose the track and prioritizing what we actually want. In this digital era, it has become quite easier to know what’s going on in other’s lives. But these constant comparisons are making our mind an unhealthier place to live with and keeping us stuck. Thus, it is very important to start your day with clarity and focus so that you can have a concentrated and focused mindset instead of distracted one.    


Having clarity about what’s important to you is the key to deal with confusions and indecisions. Our brains often keep struggling with stress when it is dealing with uncertainties or unsure decisions. When you are clear about your priorities, visions and goals, you can easily replace the overwhelming emotions with confident and clear ones.


Lack of compassion towards our own self is the biggest contributor towards an unhealthy mindset. When we constantly compare ourselves with others, pressure ourselves to achieve perfection and doubt our abilities, we ourselves becomes the obstacle in our way to success. Yet, compassion towards our own self helps us to accept ourselves for the way we are, set realistic expectation from ourselves and make us believe in ourselves.


If you’re a procrastinator, this point is for you. Do you know regular procrastination and avoiding taking action do nothing, but just keep us stuck at the same place. Courage might sound like taking big step but NO, courage sometimes means to tackle a simple task and taking action to get it done. Courage allows us to take imperfect actions, and those actions build confidence within us.


Five regular practices for healthy mindset

Are your daily habits really helping you to grow?

Well, “habits are invisible architecture of everyday life”. Most of our daily habits defines our lifestyle. Moreover, they have the power to make us feel in certain way – either good or bad. What is more, our daily habits can also alter our mindset for best or worst. So, just in case if your regular habits are not helping you to grow or make you feel stucked, here are five extremely simple habits that you need to inculcate to uplevel your mindset and make your mind a clear and calmer place.


So that’s my favorite way to clear my mind with all the dump inside. I used to write two pages every morning where I used to let my conscious thoughts flow and trust me, it was an excellent way to start my day mindfully. And recently, I’ve started the habit of writing evening pages and clearing my mind before I hit the slack. So if you want to build a healthy mindset, do a brain dump and write about the thoughts you’re feeling at the moment. These can be your anxious thoughts, exciting thoughts, conscious thoughts etc.

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How does it feel to set up some goals and then not achieving them and ultimately feeling disappointed about them? Well, if you’re the type of person who easily get distracted by seeing other’s lives, or easily fall a victim of comparison or jealousy, then it is very important for you to get mental clarity. Instead of imitating others, getting harsh on yourself and feeling disappointed, you need to be clear about your own potentials, abilities and passion. Setting intentional and realistic goals and reviewing them daily will help you to stay motivated and contented about what’s important to you.

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Are you the one who procrastinate things, and then build mental stress to get the things done within the deadline? Well, waking up in the morning and not knowing what to work upon first can take our precious mental energy. So the best way to save your time and energy is to plan your day a night before. Time-blocking is my favorite way to get the things done in a realistic timespan. So, if you write to-dos and find it defeating you at the end of the day, then learn to prioritize your tasks and set the realistic time period to get the things done.


Just like your mobile phone need time to time recharge. In the same way, your mind also needs to be rejuvenated. It is very significant to ask your mind throughout the day that how is it feeling at the current moment. Is it frustrated, contented, confused or scattered? This practice can help you to easily come back to the current moment and re-focus. When you’ll bring awareness to what’s going on in your head, it will help you to achieve healthy and clear mindset instead of distracted one.

You can also use these habit trackers to review your daily habits.


I’m sure everyone of you must be aware about how social media can impact our mental health. And how many hours we spend using social media throughout the day. Recently, I’ve shared a blog post about having healthier relationship with social media. By limiting the social media usage and setting smart boundaries with the way we use it will not suck up our mental energy.


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  • Hey Shweta Mam ,

    Excellent post best tips for healthy mindset. I truly appreciate your efforts and hard work.

    Glad to say that you have done fantastic work here and suggested the best practices for making the mindset healthy. I completely agree with your each and every tips.

    I really like the tips that you have suggested and your each of the suggested tips are truly vital for a healthy mindset especially in these busy life schedule and distractionful life. You have
    elaborated the tips in a very nice way that is true enough to understand and is providing better understanding as well.

    Every time i get inspired & motivated through your post and your post provides me new inspiration. Having clarity, concentration in mindset, Calm the mind and having courage to tackle the easy as well as worst situation are key tips here. It is true that courage boost our self-confidence and is also necessary to handle the situation. Limiting the social media usage is also a good tip. Adopting these practices will be a great helping hand and will undoubtedly helps in developing healthy mindset.

    After going through this post i really got helpful ideas regarding self-improvement & developing healthy mindset.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such an inspirational post.

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