How to get mental clarity

Confusions – The most common problem that we all confront on regular basis. Confused about what to eat, what to wear, what long term plans, what short term plans, career and almost everything. These what and what ifs always keep our minds stuck and unclear. Have you ever gone through days where you felt so confused about what to do and what not to do? Well if I talk about me, I often used to had such days where I strive a lot for mental clarity.

Why Mental Clarity?

One thing I have learned so far is that continuous mental chatter can either serve us or enslave us. When your brain is foggy and you’re riddled with indecision, it becomes hard to figure out what you exactly want at the moment. Without the clear mindset, it is very easy to get trapped in our own thoughts and feeling frustrated . In this blog, I’m going to share why mental clarity is important and how you can achieve that.

What is Mental Clarity

Mental Clarity means to have a clear and focused mindset which is free from distractions. When you have a clear state of mind, there are no what-ifs, why, indecision or worries in your mind.

But if you don’t have mental clarity, it can result in procrastination, doubts or bad decision makings. Those who over-think things can easily get caught up in their own head and end up talking out of the things.

Mental Clarity

For this reason, I always prefer to start and finish my day with mental clarity. One of my daily goal is to get clear about the things that I have to do and the tasks that I need to accomplish. With the clarity of different tasks, I feel more clear, positive, motivated and contented. When I’m focused, away from distractions and free of self-doubt, I feel more confident to accomplish anything that I’ve set for myself.

Why it is important to have Mental Clarity                      

Well, often times we are being told that the key to success is the positive mindset. And yes, I truly believe that with the positive mind, we can achieve and overcome anything. But more than that, I believe the ultimate key to success is a clear mindset. If you’re not clear about who you are and what you want, it will take no time to get distracted from your goals. So, “clarity with positivity” is something that one needs to master.

Here are five reasons why mental clarity is so important

1. Provides Direction

If you’re unsure about your wants and goals, you’ll end up grappling for progress and success. This continuous struggle can suck confidence out of you and can make you feel worthless. But when you have mental clarity, it’s easier to move forward towards your goals and putting your heart and mind into it.

2. Removes Self-Doubt

When you’re distracted or not focused, it’s very easy to start doubting yourself. It usually happens with me when I’m struggling with an unclear mind. An unclear state of mind always makes me feel unproductive and low of confidence even if I’m doing good. So, if you would have a clear and focused mindset, you will not even entertain such negative thoughts about yourself.

3. You’ll not imitate

Often times when people lack mental clarity, they end up imitating others. Instead of discovering their own passions, they start following what others are doing and ultimately keep struggling and receiving disappointments. So, if you would have mental clarity about what you exactly want, it will be easier for you to recognize where exactly you need to put your efforts.

4. Easy to prioritize tasks

When your brain is not clouded with doubts or indecisions, it becomes so much easier to get the things done. Mental clarity helps to make decisions with ease instead of overthinking. Also, it makes it easier to organize your to-do list and prioritize what tasks need to get done at first.

5. Gives motivation

When you’re clear about your goals, motivation follows itself. Once your mind is clear and sure, it becomes easier to find ways and means to achieve that particular aim you’ve set for yourself. At least, you know you’re not struggling for something that you’re not even sure about. The little baby steps will help you feel motivated because you’ll know that you are one step closer to your goal.

5 Symptoms if you’re lacking mental clarity

1. You seek approvals from others for every decision.

2. You feel fearful to take actions individually and always look for someone to share your risk with.

3. You say yes to everyone because you are not sure about what to prioritize.

4. You have massive collection of ideas but you are never even sure about any one of that.

5. You imitate others because you’re unsure about yourself and your decisions.

How to achieve

If you’re the one who always strive for mental clarity, here are the five ways to help you achieve mental clarity.

1. Focus on your future goals

Remember, it’s very significant to set goals for yourself. This includes all long term and short term goals. Take out some time for yourself and figure out what you really want to do and want to be. Once you get clear about your future goals, write it down and review it everyday. When you’re accurate about your goals, you’ll not feel distracted by what others are doing. You’ll have no time to compare yourself with others because you’ll be aware of what’s important to you.

2. A disciplined routine

Our daily routine says a lot about our life goals. If you’ve set some goals for yourself, it’s not possible to achieve them overnight. You’ll have to put continuous efforts to attain that goal. You will have to continuously feed your mind with the required knowledge to attain that goal. You’ll have to take regular baby steps to reach closer to your aim with every passing day. And to do all this, you need a disciplined and solid routine which helps you keep going.

Mental Clarity

The best way to have a disciplined routine is to make to-do list, set your priorities and organize your tasks. This will help you to see things more clearly and attain discipline. Here are five factors that I’ve disclosed in my productive morning routine which helps me to get out of my own head and being productive throughout the day.

3. Avoid Distractions

Distractions can make you forget your goals so it’s very important to prevent your mind from getting distracted. But how? The best way to avoid distractions and attain mental clarity is to review your goals and prioritize them. Reviewing my goals daily helps me to know my top priorities and makes decision-making easy. Instead of over-thinking where I need to put my time and energy in, I simply review my priorities and I’m good to go.

4. Plan your week in advance

Time is money, they say. And I completely agree with this statement. If you’ll not value your time, there will be a day when your time will not be valuing you anymore. When your mind is unclear, it is very difficult to know what to do first  and easily getting stucked in the moment. To prevent myself from this situation, I always prefer to plan my week in advance. I prepare to-do list to get clear about the certain tasks that I need to accomplish in the upcoming week. And to be honest, this is completely a game changer for me. My mind feels clearer and motivated to give a fresh start to the week.

5. Get it done

Well this is the most significant step. It’s quite easier to plan everything that we want but the most daunting task is to take action. Only planning out the things is not enough to attain mental clarity, but taking actions plays the principal role. If you’ll not take action, you’ll never be able to decide if you have made the right decision or not. Whatever you’re overthinking, just leave it behind. Make a decision, implement it and figure out the results. Remember, you can also correct your wrong decisions by learning from it.

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