Intentional Life Plan

How to create an Intentional Life Plan

Intentional Life Plan – We often talk about them, but have you ever felt so clear about your plans and goals? I mean are you clear about what you exactly want from your life and what you want to be?  Well, I’m sure many of you would have been feeling so confused right now. Often times, we are not able to figure out what we want to do with our life because our mind keeps on changing all the time.

I know people who are so clear about their career path from high school. And then, there are people who keep struggling to find the clarity till their late thirties.

Before you continue reading the post, get a more clear picture about how to attain mental clarity

What is an Intentional Life Plan

Well, let’s get clear about what does it really mean. Often times, when we talk about an intentional life plan, we only consider the type of career we’re going to have. Those who figure out at their early age what they want to be – an entrepreneur, lawyer or so on, they’re all set for life. Right?

But what if you’re a multi-passionate person? What if you don’t want to stick upto one thing for the rest of your life? What if you love to explore new opportunities every day?

Well, I feel a life plan is not something which is limited to career only, but it is so much more than that. Your future vision is also about the values that you want to stick up to. It is the small changes that you want to bring to the world. Moreover, it is how you define success to yourself. Although I’ve never been a person who has that advanced 10 year plan in my head. But I’ve always been sure about certain values, priorities and the vision that I want to uphold.

Why an intentional life plan

Sometimes, I feel a clear and solid plan for future is both blessing and a curse in itself. Sometimes it means that you’re flexible and open-minded enough to grab the new opportunities. However, it also means that you lack direction.

But, I truly believe that one must have an intentional life plan for future. With an intentional life plan, it becomes quite easier to recognize what matters to you and not what others are doing or telling you to do.

If you find yourself unsure about whether you’re on right path or not, it can make you feel low, distracted or confused. But luckily, I have got some tricks that will give you direction to find clarity about what you exactly want.

How to create a life plan

Instead of focusing on only one or two areas, an intentional life plan will help you to visualize about all the significant aspects of your life. So, if you want a life plan of yours, you first need to visualize what’s around you

1. People in your life

Figure out what kind of people you want to surround yourself with. What kind of people you already have in your life? How do these people make you feel at the time of your successes and hardships? Are they actually the one you want in your life? Are they your genuine well wishers or need you for their selfish needs only?

2. Environment

It includes where you are living or where you want to spend your life. Sometimes, we are not flexible to migrate to some other place and end up feeling confused while making decisions. So before you make any intentional life plan, you need to get clear about the environment where you want to live in.

3. Lifestyle

Find out what does your lifestyle looks like? It includes the kind of habits that you have, how much you spend on your rudimentary necessities. How does your daily routine look like? How much you spend on entertainment activities?

4. Finances

It includes how much money you are making right now and the savings that you’re making out of them. How much do you need to meet your desired lifestyle? How much you need to make investments?

5. Accomplishments

It includes the long term goals that you have and how far you’ve attained them. It is the accomplishments that you have made and want to make. How did your accomplishments made you feel. Did you felt on the top of the world, satisfied or just fine.

Creating an Intentional Life Plan

This is how my life plan looks like which I have created on the basis of “THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES by JACK CANFIELD” and “365 DAYS WITH SELF-DISCIPLINE by MARTIN MEADOWS”

After having above visualization exercise about what I want from my life, I jot down a list of what I wanted from the below areas of my life.

1. Finances

2. Physical and Mental Health

3. Spirituality

4. Recreation

5. Relationships

6. Career

Remember, the main purpose of this intentional life plan is to help you find direction when you feel lost, confused or uncertain. This life plan will help you to get clear about what’s really important to you so that you don’t start following any unknown path which is not made for you.

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