After sharing about the significance of self-acceptance on my previous blogs, many of you asked me how to accept ourselves. And especially, how to accept ourselves with our flaws. Of course, there is no denying that in order to truly love yourself, you have to accept yourself first. But how? I’m sure that’s a difficult concept for many. Accepting yourself just the way you are in these inhuman standards set by our society is merely difficult.

We live in a society where the standards for almost everything are already set. Be it beauty, career, dressing up, skin, body, lifestyle and much more. And when we don’t find ourselves getting fit into these standards, we feel that something is wrong with us. But my love, it’s not the case. Don’t let these unnecessary things feed insecurities within you or make you feel low. Remember, your uniqueness is always your biggest strength and is something which makes you stand out.

What is Self-Acceptance?

Well as far as I have learned about self-acceptance, it means accepting your whole self wholeheartedly and without any judgements. It’s not only about embracing the good, positive and valuable trait of oneself. But Self-acceptance is also about embracing the negative, less desirable or ugly parts of yours. It is the acceptance of all your physical and emotional weaknesses that you probably try to deny.

Well, I myself had struggled a lot to achieve self-acceptance in the past years. And to be truly honest, it was a long journey. Today on the blog, I have decided to share my 6 step personally discovered guide to achieve self-acceptance  –

1. Embrace your “so called imperfections”

The first thing you need to do to accept yourself is to let go the idea of perfectionism. I often see people trying hard to attain the definition of perfectionism. Even I was like that, but trust me, the chase of perfect has only lead me to huge disappointments and distress. Stop being harsh on yourself to fit into the so called norms of the society.

2. Forgive Yourself and others too

You can’t grow without forgiveness. It’s perfectly ok  to make wrong decisions sometimes, forgive yourself for all the past regrets and mistakes that you’ve made. Alongside, forgive everyone who hurt you either intentionally or unintentionally. Holding on to past regrets or grudges will only result in more pain and sufferings. So learn the art of forgiving, not for others but for own self.

3. Say No to comparisons

Comparisons may be based on appearance, intelligence, wealth, social status, abilities or any other attribute. When we compare ourselves with others, we end up imitating them and trying to be better than them. But remember, these comparisons can take away your real personality from you. Being better from others in the process of comparing can give temporary satisfaction, but it can take away long term peace.

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4. Don’t let your emotions control you

We always tend to see our success as a good part of life and the failures as a bad one. But why don’t we embrace our failures? I mean they give us the most incredible lessons of life that nobody can teach us. When you confront any failure or negative emotion, see them as a separate event, and not a part of you. Acknowledge it, analyze it and then learn from it instead of getting trapped or giving your power to these negative emotions.

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5. Confront you fears

We all have a story in our history that includes some terrible, horrifying and devastating memories. Sometimes, these bad experiences holds us back and cultivates fear within us. This fear can be anything – fear of failure, fear of love relationship, fear of facing something and so on. It’s important to take baby steps to face these fears and conquer them. Today, make a list of three things that scare you the most and face any one of them.

6. Be kind to yourself

Let me tell you a fun fact here – Do you know nobody judges us more than we judge ourselves. Our thoughts about ourselves can either be our best friend or worst enemy. Remember, you’re the only person who is going to be there for you at your darkest moments. So it’s very important to build a healthy relation with your own self. Learn to be your own best friend – Have positive self-talk, practice self care and be generous to yourself.

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