I once red a quote – Health is not only about what we are feeding to our body, but it is also about what we feed to our mind. Most of us are always aware about how our eating habits can affect our waistline, but have you ever thought how the continuous flow of thoughts can affect our mental health. These racing thoughts, either negative or positive keeps on flowing even when our bodies are at rest. Guess what, if these thoughts can’t be controlled at one point, they have the power to result in tremendous discomforts, worries, anxiety, fear, stress and even depression. So, in this blog, I am going to talk about that one powerful mantra which will help you to  attain inner stability, balance and control over thoughts.

What is Meditation?

In this modern world, the term meditation is used in different confusing and complicated ways. The first thing that one must know before meditating is that meditation is not a part of any religion. Rather it is a science which follows a particular set of principals and procedures. It is a precise technique for resting your minds and attaining a state of awareness which is completely different from the natural waking state. It is a practice which requires an inner state that is still and inwardly focused so that mind can become silent. And when the mind is completely silent and doesn’t distract you anymore, meditation deepens.

Why Meditation?

Since our childhood, we are been advised by our loved ones to examine and verify the outside world so that we can save ourselves from the unwanted harms, but we have never been told the importance of looking within. I feel that is the reason, we remain strangers to our own self and always struggle to get out of our own heads. Our lack of self-understanding is the root cause behind our confusions, disappointments and bad decision makings.

The goal of meditation is to go beyond the mind and experience natural peace, clarity and bliss. And I’m sure many of you who try to meditate would have experience that our mind itself is sometimes the biggest obstacle standing between ourselves and the state of awareness. But have you ever thought why!! Because we have made our minds so undisciplined and messy that they are not able to attain that stillness which is the genuine experience of deep meditation. When you’ll learn to examine what is within ourselves through meditation, believe me you’ll achieve the joy which is not momentary, but immense and everlasting.

Power of Meditation –

Well I’m not going to describe the long list of meditation benefits here (you can easily find that on Google), but I want to share my personal experience with meditation and how it helped me to transform into the person I’m today. Well guys, many of you know me already, and some of you are knowing me but the ones who know me already must be aware about my personality, I was a shy girl with low self esteem and low confidence who has always been bullied for her behavioural patterns.

But as I grew older, the regular practice of meditation has helped me a lot in different spheres of life, be it studies, career, setting up online business, relationship with my loved ones, health, tackling different problems and much more. I won’t say that all my problems faded away, NO – Meditation won’t do that but yes, it will help you to learn how to embrace those hardships and conquer them. Below I’ve outlined seven benefits that I’ve attained from meditation –

1. Increased Self- Acceptance

2. Reduces stress and irritability

3. Improvised concentration

4. Attain long term bliss

5. Enhanced Self-Awareness

6. Generates Kindness

7. Improves Sleep

How to Meditate –

As I mentioned in my last blog that you don’t need to be a pro at Meditation, but yes you can practice it for five minutes before starting your day and you’re good to go. Following are some tips for beginners for meditating successfully to overcome stress, fear or anxieties and attaining eternal calm and contentment –

1. Create a Space

The first thing is to create the space where the outer voices cannot disturb you. Creating a sacred space for meditation can be wonderful but if you can’t do that, make sure to be in a quiet and peaceful environment. A calm and quiet environment will make it easier for you to focus better.

2. Position your body

Sit down on the floor in the quarter lotus position. In this posture, you need to sit down with your legs crossed, spine straight, palms-down on thighs and gently close your eyes. Many people complain that they feel back pain while sitting in the meditation position, you can use cushion to avoid any kind of back pains or can also practice meditation by lying straight on your back. However, it doesn’t matter if you are sitting or lying, you need to keep your spine straight.

3. Breathe

Place your attention lightly on your breathe. When you’ll breathe in, your belly and lungs will be filled with air, hold it for a second or two, and then exhale deeply through your nose.


The entire meditation (which should last about 60 seconds) consist of you inhaling for 1, holding and then exhaling for 2.

Likewise, inhale 3, hold, exhale 4

Inhale 5, hold, exhale 6

Now inhale 7, hold, exhale 8

Inhale 9, hold, exhale 10

4. Note your thoughts in between this session

While breathing in and out, where ever you notice any thought, feeling or perception that takes away your attention or focus, instantly pause there and return to your breathe. Remember, it’s perfectly ok to loose focus in the beginning, don’t judge or blame yourself for that. Just gently notice it and attend to your breathe and posture.

As you meditate, your mind will get quieter and quieter with every passing day. Remember, meditation will not give overnight results, it is a long journey from sound to silence and from movement to stillness.

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