Let Your Soul Glow

By letting your soul glow, I mean to love yourself wholeheartedly.

 What does we really mean by loving ourselves wholeheartedly ?

Is it enjoying a cup of coffee while reading our favorite book , is it cooking our favorite meals, is it taking our self for a long drive or is it watching our favorite series of Netflix. Yes, it does makes our soul happy and gives adrenaline rush but hey stop there, and think for a moment, for how long do you really feel contented after doing these activities ? For few hours, for a day, for a week or may be a month. I’m not saying here not to do these activities, but in the process of escaping or ignoring your problems, don’t rely on the temporary ways of attaining happiness. Self-Love means  giving yourself what your body, mind and soul needs to run the marathon of life.

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It is looking yourselves in the mirror without criticizing your own bodies. It is feeling beautiful without ignoring your scars. It is feeling blissful with whatever you have and where you are at this point of life. It is celebrating the achievement of others without feeling jealous. It is talking to our own self kindly. It is putting ourselves first sometimes and saying respectful NO to others. It is listening to others without judgements and proving yourself.

Self-Love is not merely a physical process, but one needs to learn how to conquer one’s fear and obstacles in the process of loving oneself genuinely. Before I talk about the ways to embrace yourself wholly, let me tell you honestly that I’m also still learning to be kind and loving towards me. There are days when I feel like being unconditionally happy and then, there are days where I even struggle to smile. But in the meantime, I have discovered the following ways to embrace my real self. And guys, if I can do that, so can you !

1. Acceptance

Acceptance of reality for the way it is, is the foundation towards the self love. We are often been suggested to ignore the situations which disturbs us, however in the process of escaping from the situations, we actually escape from the reality. Harsh truth ? But yes, ignoring is never a solution. You are not supposed to be a blind that you can’t face the reality. Some realities takes time to be accepted but then, remember that you’re always stronger than your problems.

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2. Speak Up

Do not afraid to express yourselves. If you’re not  fine, just say it. It’s perfectly ok. What is not ok is to not share what you feel. Saying from my experience, keeping things inside can build stress and ultimately depression in the long run. Stop struggling with your thoughts alone, we all have that one person in our lives with whom we can share anything – This person can be you parent, sibling, partner, friend and if any of you don’t have any, you can connect with me via e-mail, social media or can drop your problems in the comment section below. I’m here to listen.

3. Kindness is the key

It is scientifically acknowledged that kindness releases feel-good hormones. Not only this, it helps to ease anxiety and stress. In order to be truly happy and attaining long term happiness, practice kindness. Let’s start from today, try this simple trick – Practice one act of kindness a day. It can be anything – feed a stray dog, compliment a stranger, call your loved one and tell them how special he or she is, prepare dinner for your family today. Do anything which will make your soul happy and I’m telling you, it actually works wonder.

4. Be gentle to yourself

Often times, we make a tremendous mistake of setting higher standards by imitating others and consequently, get harsh on our own self. Setting unrealistic goals often leads to disappointments and then we ultimately blame ourselves for not achieving those objectives, for not getting that dream job, for not being a topper in the class and much more. Darling, just stop there and be more gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for all those mistakes that you made in past and love yourself a little more today.

5. Aim to Change

Stop staying broken and be open to change. I once red somewhere that change is painful, but it’s not as painful as staying stuck at the same place which I think stands very true for all of us. Acknowledge your strengths and use it as a powerful tool to build a strong inner life.

Self-Love is not an overnight process, it takes time. And I hope you will be able to love yourself one day genuinely and that day, you will be proud of the progress that you have made. Be your own light.

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My name is Shweta Thangri. I truly believe that our life is shaped by our thoughts, so I’m here to make change in your lives with my practically acknowledged skills and help you meet your higher self.

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