Mindfulness practices even if you can’t meditate

We all know by now that meditation is not only reserved  to monks or yogis anymore, but it is becoming a part of the lifestyle of common masses too. Meditation, undoubtedly is a very beautiful experience to attain mindfulness. Yet at the same time, some people say they find the experience uneventful, terrifying or anxiety producing at worst in the beginning. To be honest, I was no exception to this.

My personal experience with meditation in the beginning was also fearful. However, adding Shiva Meditation to my regular practice helped me to overcome those fearful emotions and attaining mindfulness. If you’ve given a fair shot to meditation and figured out that you can’t make it your BFF, then please don’t worry. There are plenty of other ways to cultivate mindfulness even if you’re not a meditation process.

Why Mindfulness is important

Mindfulness helps to improvise your ol’ physical and mental health by reducing stress, cultivating compassion and kindness and makes you a non-judgemental and open-minded person.

Many people think that meditation is synonymous to mindfulness. However, in reality, mindfulness is a state of being whereas meditation is simply a practice to attain mindfulness. This basically means that you can practice mindfulness even if you struggle to meditate.

How to be mindful | Mindfulness

Five Ways to be mindful if you can’t meditate

Here are five ways to practice mindfulness that doesn’t involve meditation.

1. Spend time in nature

If you would have seen my IG, you must be aware that how much I love being surrounded with lush greenery and nature. Being in nature is my favorite way to attain mindfulness because it helps to heal you from inside. Walking in the nature or simply sitting there and relishing the soothing sounds of birds, air and water helps to be in the present moment.


How to make more of it

  • Turn off your phone while having me-time in nature.
  • Choose a place of walk with zero or few distractions.
  • Cherish the natural beauty, colors and sounds of nature

2. Practice your favorite hobby everyday

By this, I mean a physical hobby and not something which keeps you revolving around your gadgets. These hobbies can be playing outdoor games, painting, Arts & Crafts, Cooking or whatever that makes your soul happy. Making time for something that you love will give a break to your busy minds and will let your creative side flourish.

Practice favorite  hobbies

To make the most out of practicing your hobbies

  • Choose to do activity in such a way that is appealing to you.
  • Put your heart and soul into it.
  • Set an intention for your practice ( eg – gratefulness, creativity, compassion etc)

3. Yoga

The practice of yoga in itself is considered to be a mindfulness practice. Yoga helps to expand our perspective and understanding towards who we are. No matter whether you’re young or old, yoga has the power to calm your running minds and strengthen your bodies. You can simply start it by creating a space for you with no distractions. And instead of getting intimidated by fancy yoga studios or yoga terminologies, you can simply start with practicing basics at your own. But yes, seek a professional help if you want to be master of yoga in the long run.

Mindfulness through yoga

To make the most of yoga

  • Practice body-scan and mindfulness yoga
  • It’s perfectly ok if you lose balance. Just keep going.
  • Breathe deeply into each pose to get a deeper stretch.

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By Acharya Yatendra (Author)

4. Read Books

Well, my mom is an avid reader of holy books and this is how she makes most of her spare time. Seeing her reading books has always been so mundane to me until I didn’t practice it myself. Reading books has been a game changer of my life or you can say my instant pills to positivity. Some people find it boring to read books, but the best way to make books your BFF is to start by reading 5 pages a day. That way, you’ll not feel boring or harsh on yourself, and can grab the things more mindfully.

Mindfulness through books

How to make more from books

  • One book at a time. Don’t keep changing your books every other day.
  • Set the amount of pages you can read everyday (say 5 pages a day)
  • Jot down the points you learn from your readings and recall them.
Here are my recommendations for beginners:

5. Herbal Teas 

Well, I won’t say that herbal teas will add mindfulness to your day. But yes, you can replace caffeine with herbal tea in your daily routine. Remember, More Caffeine = More Anxiety. And for many of us, Caffeine is the most preferred way to start our day or to charge up ourselves during hectic working hours. To be honest, there are no herbal teas for mindfulness, yet it’s the practice of mindful drinking that brings the best teas.

Mindfulness through herbal tea

To make more of herbal teas

  • Turn on your favorite music (you can also play mantras)
  • Don’t rush, cherish every sip of your tea.
  • Don’t keep checking phone or social media while drinking.
Here are my favorite herbal teas from my daily routine to rejuvenate my physical and emotional well-being

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    • My pleasure Runesh. I recommended these practices to my friends and clients and it worked wonders for them so I thought it is something worth sharing to help people attain mindfulness.

  • Hey Shweta mam,

    Awesome post as usual. I truly appreciate your hard-work.

    You have done an awesome work here and every time you comes up with an ideas that are truly engaging & helpful in every aspect. You have suggested the best ways for mindfulness practices.

    I completely agree with your points that mindfulness helps in improving mental & physical health by reducing the stress.

    According to me Spending time in nature, practicing our favorite hobby everyday, doing yoga and reading books are the perfect ways to achieve mindfulness. Every time i get new inspirational through your post.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such an inspirational post.

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