Morning pages – Have you ever heard about this term?? Well, I’d read a lot about morning pages all over the internet but I’d never thought that this could be worth the effort. This year, I set three goals for myself for January month out of which one was a disciplined journaling everyday. Well, journaling has always been a therapy for me. And this year, I decided that I’ll practice journal writing every morning before starting my day.

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And guess what, morning pages have literally been a game changer for me. Writing morning pages has helped me to dig the things that I was usually avoiding and I’ve become even more productive because things are clearer than it used to be. I’ve liked the process so much that I’m still doing it even after giving it a try for a month. In this blog post, I’m sharing about what morning pages are all about and my experience with this.



Well, I think it’s pretty much clear with the term. The Artist’s way, a book by Julia Cameron describes morning pages as “three pages of longhand, stream of conscious writing, done first thing in the morning”.

Morning pages are not only for writers or poets. Neither it’s a tool to improvise your handwriting knacks. But it helps you to clean out the junk that is going on in your head at the moment.


Cameron says, nothing is too stupid, too silly, too weird to be written about. One day, I literally wrote about how my neighbor’s kid ate my pastry and I felt so bad about it. LOL. Remember, morning pages are not supposed to be consummate because nobody is going to read that (even Cameron suggests not to read what you’ve written for the first two months). She says, if you can’t think of anything to write about, then write – “I can’t think of anything to write”. Keep doing this until you fill three pages.


There were days when I used to feel that even three pages are not enough to clean out the mess from my mind and then there were days when writing three pages was like a strenuous task to get done. But knowing that I have to write three pages helped me to pick the pen paper and let all the mess flow on the page.

Worrying about your job, love in your partner’s heart, relationship with friends and family, bills that need to get paid, goals that need to be achieved and everything – Get it on the page.

Here’s how to stay consistent with journaling habit.


MORNING PAGES - Why you need to add them in your daily routine

Putting my time and energy into significant things

Morning pages has helped me to become less reactive because I feel clearer about what actually deserves my time and energy. Be it anything – Work, recreation or even a person. Sometimes, we feel everything is important and needs to get done. But when you’ll have a clarity about what is actually important and what’s not, then you’ll be more selective with the things that you’re putting your time and energy in.

Feeling my emotions prudently

Usually the first page of my morning pages focus on what needs to get done, how will I manage the different chores or how will I stay calm and focused. Apparently, my stream of consciousness like to focus on to-dos. But this made me realize that I never talk about my own feelings and emotions. So, after the first page, the another two of my morning pages help me to do daily check-ins with myself. Checking in with my feelings has actually helped me to become more practical, and less emotional. Taking a good charge on my emotions is helping me to make practical decisions in life rather than the ones that I regret later.

Increased productivity

To be honest, there were days when writing morning pages felt like a chore. But I used to do it anyway because I knew that I’m definitely going to feel better afterwards. I wanted to write because I knew it will give me more mental clarity before jumping into e-mails and work. After writing, I usually become more productive because I’d –

  • uncover the root cause of procrastination
  • get a clear plan to complete the things.
  • feel motivated to accomplish the tasks.

I’ve moved beyond negativity and fear

Have you ever been through the situation where your mind knows everything but your heart is not ready to accept it. Well, I think we all do. And what even more problematic is that we don’t want to talk about it, face it and let it be the way it is and keeps giving our heart and mind cold comfort. But truth is this is not the solution. Although it will give you a temporary comfort but at the end of the day, you have to face it. So writing about the things that I never wanted to talk about has helped me to move beyond my own fears. Once you’ll do it, trust me you yourself will feel so empowered. Because it takes a strong heart to rise above the darkness that is holding you back.

Better relationship with my own self

Writing morning pages, undoubtedly, has helped me to build a stronger relationship with my own self.  I realized that journaling is not only limited to what we’re feeling at the moment, but it also helps us to know ourselves better. You’ll get to know about the intentions that you keep for others, priorities that you have in your life, your beliefs, the way you deal with the things and much more. By spilling your thoughts every morning on the page will help you to know about yourself and your life better. The pages are the pathway to a clearer and stronger sense of self.

I believe that writing morning pages were worth my time and energy and I’ll continue it in my daily routine.

Have you ever tried morning pages?

I hope this post has given you some clarity about why it is worth writing them. And please let me know in the comment section if you’ve ever tried this.

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