What does your typical morning routine before work looks like?

Is it waking up late and rushing for the entire day? Or is it giving a start to your day with social media notifications? Or is it finding hard to leave the bed and starting your day?

One thing I’ve learned so far is that the way we handle our day is heavily influenced by the first hour of our morning. The way we start our day can make a tremendous difference in terms of our mood, energy level or productivity. Earlier, I used to wake up to an alarming clock, scrolling Instagram, checking messages and entering to morning chaos. But one day, I realized that this was affecting my overall health – physically and mentally. I was becoming an irritable, distracted, unproductive and negative person.

And last year, I finally decided that I don’t want to see myself as a person I’m becoming. I decided that I don’t want my mornings to look like this anymore. I wanted to feel myself prepared for the day with a clear and focused mindset. Because without a clear mindset, it is very easy to get trapped in our own thoughts and feeling frustrated.  I started making baby steps towards change. I remember that day, while I was having a morning walk and a sudden thought striked into my mind. This thought told me that there is something very calming and magical about mornings if we use them efficaciously.

Today on the blog, I’ve decided to share my morning mindset ritual that is helping me to stay calm, focused and motivated before I start my day. If you’re looking for the ways to make your mornings more intentional, this will help you to a great extent –

1. Meditate

This is the first thing I do after waking up. My regular readers must know how often I mention about meditation in my blog posts. Because I truly believe that all we need is already within us. And practicing meditation is the best way to find and know ourselves better. It helps to remove the clouds of fear, ego, insecurities and negativities and helps to meet our higher self. Five minutes of Shiva meditation is all I need to start my day with calmness and positivity.

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2. Review your goals

The next significant thing is to get clarity about your goals and writing them. We get encountered with new things and ideas on regular basis which attracts our interest and distracts us from our goals. When we find something interesting, we forget our goals and start following that path with zero knowledge and experience. So, writing about your goals and reviewing them every morning will help you to stay motivated and focused. It is the best way to give yourself a gentle reminder about what you exactly want in your life.

3. Break down your goals

Of course, it is not practical to achieve long term or big goals at one shot. Once you set a long term goal, the next step is to break that into smaller parts or say short term goals. Say for example, you’ve set a goal to visit a new country in 2020 that you’ve never been before. Visiting a new country will be considered as a long term goal. Now break this goal into short term goals – Managing funds, booking hotel, booking a flight, getting visa and so on. Taking baby steps towards your goals is the best strategy to accomplish them without feeling burdened or stressed.

4. Prioritize your tasks

In order to prioritize my tasks, I prepare to-do lists. Well, this is my favorite morning activity to keep myself on track and motivated. Preparing to-do list will help you to get clarity about the different tasks that needs to get done according to time. And believe me, this is the best technique that you must apply to avoid procrastination. Ticking off the things which gets done with every passing hour of the day feels like victory in itself.

5. Stay away from phone

Well, our smart phones are one of the major reason of our distracted minds. Checking up my phone, especially social media right after waking up is the most depressing habit I have ever experienced. Sometimes, we inadvertently get encountered with some posts or notifications which can spoil our mood for the entire day. Remember, if you want to start your day at a relaxed and fresh note, stay away from your phone for at least two hours after waking up. Instead of worrying about your business emails or instagram likes, start your day with a calm and disciplined mind.

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Tip – To experience a fresh start of day, make sure to have a sound sleep. Switch off your phone or put it on silent mode before you go to bed.

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