Yesterday, I’m finally done with my year reflection. And on the basis of mistakes I made last year and lessons I’ve learned from it, I’ve decided to start this year with more ease and intentions. This year, I’m not going to burden myself with plethora of aims unlike I do every year. Rather I’ve decided to give myself opportunity to learn new things without overwhelming myself. And I’ve discovered that the best way to do this is to set minimal goals, but with more intention. And this year, I’m going to set three goals every month so that I can achieve them with more ease.

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Instead of having a list of 20+ goals that I want to accomplish all at once, I have prioritized my goals as per the course of the year. Since there’s no way I’m going to be able to do all of them simultaneously, I’ve prioritized the three goals that are most important to me at this moment. Focusing on three means I’ve more chances  of actually accomplishing them.

I reckon that if you stick with something for long, it becomes a habit. And you don’t find any problem in being consistent with that. Once you get consistent with something, then it’s easier to move on to other goals. Wooooooo!


flowers and black tea to feel calm and peaceful


I know I have not been consistent with my blog posts from last two months. Because there was other things which were fighting for my attention. But anyways, you guys always kept me asking for the next post which made me realize that how much I’m being loved by my blog readers. And I’ve planned to write more posts and share my ideas and opinions with you all. From now on, I’ll be posting 2x per post every week. (Feel free to punch me if you find me slacking, LOL)


Well, I’ve already started working on it but I really need to follow this step with more honesty. From last couple of days, I indulged myself into some art and craft activities, and would you believe, I start making crafts at 9 pm and the work used to go on till 2 or 3 am. Although I enjoyed waking up till midnights for learning this art, but sticking up to this schedule was affecting my overall well-being at some point. And now, I’ll be going to bed sharp at 10.


Well, I love to keep my mind a healthy space which is free from confusions and exhaustion. And undoubtedly, meditation helps me a lot to stay calm and peaceful throughout the day. But since writing is like a therapy to me, I’ve been starting journaling before starting the chores of the day so that I can clear my mind from all the unwanted thoughts and can start my day with more clarity and intention.

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What are your top three goals for January month? Let me know in the comment section below.

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