Hustle – The most trending word in today’s era. #hustler #hustlermindset #hustlementality and much more – The most common hashtags on our social media posts. But what the heck this hustle is? In this blog post, we are going to talk profoundly about what hustle mentality is. In our society, the hustle mentality is proliferating at such a dizzy pace that if you’re not being productive, then you’ll be considered as a lazy one. I’ve also been at go-go-go mentality but it was not a nice feeling. I was lacking time for self-care and used to burnout so easily. This “keep-going” mentality hardly gives you the time to rest your thoughts. And you end up feeling frustrated, irritable and overwhelmed.


First thing that you need to know about hustle is that it’s a forceful process. A process where you force yourself to keep going in order to feel productive. There’s a difference between hustling and working hard. Remember, the word “hustle” is a busy, forceful and hurried scene. I see big entrepreneurs on social media sharing that if you want to be successful, you have to hustle hard. You have to spend sleepless nights and much more. I agree that you have to put diligent efforts with consistency in order to be successful. But at the same time, you need to understand that you should not be harsh on yourself.

You should not forget the significance of slowing down and give yourself a pause from “keep going” life. If you’ll not give yourself time to decompress, you’ll be more prone to burnout. And the problem with burnout is that it affects your power of thinking, creativity level, motivation and mindset – the things that are very important to perform your best.

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I have also been at that point in life where I was doing full-time job, studying Masters and giving coaching to the high school students. And I thought I’ll be rewarded for all this, LOL. But I didn’t realize until one day, when my friend told me that you look so restless, you look elder than your age, your eyes seems so sad and you’re sitting here with me yet you’re in some different world. I gave a thought to his words and realized that I’m constantly on hustle mode that I don’t even have time to check up on myself.

I’m grateful that I had someone who opened my eyes. But I feel not everyone who is reading this must have that person in their life, so please keep reading. I hope this post will be an eye opener for you if you’re also constantly struggling with hustle mode.


If you’re someone who is constantly on hustle mode, you might know how stressful things seems sometimes, especially when they don’t go according to your plans. Research has shown that most of the corporate successful personalities have more depressive and anxiety symptoms along with worse sleep quality. Here is why hustle culture is harmful, and not helpful.

  • Being on constant hustle mode doesn’t give you time for self-reflection.
  • It prevents you from grabbing the opportunities and implementing new things. Because your mind is continually busy and you hardly give time to think over new things.
  • You become too harsh on yourself because there’s always a pressure to stay busy all the time.
  • Being on hustle mode gradually takes you to the depressive state resulting in more burnouts, frustration and bad sleep quality.
  • It kills your creativity and productivity levels. However, working more and more hours seems attractive at first glance, but working overly long hours results in poorer mental health.
hustle culture is romanticized.

It’s very rare to hear the success stories that involves a balance between personal and work life. I believe instead of imitating everyone else’s hustle, it’s important to learn how to achieve better level of balance. I’m all about creative energy and I think it’s possible to be successful without hustling yourself to the ground. Remember, if you’re passionate about something and you work for it consistently even with baby steps, then there’s no force on this earth which can stop you to be successful.


This last year, I’ve learned a lot about slow life. And trust me, if you give yourself time to rest and rejuvenate, you don’t not have to strive hard to feel contented and mindful. If you find yourself overworking, here are the three tips to pause hustle mode ad slow down.

Recognize when you’re inspired by hustle culture

It’s normal to get inspired by other’s hustle while scrolling through Instagram or reading success stories. And I believe it’s not a bad thing but at the same time, you need to be smart enough about your life strategies. Remember, you can do anything, but not everything. So, it’s important to be selective with everything that you’re investing your time in. Ask yourself if it’s really worth your time and energy. Or you’re just doing it because it has to be on your to-do. Think about the ways so that you can find a better balance between action and relaxation.

Check yourself when you feel “I need to do more”

I’m not doing good enough, I feel like I need to do more – Oh well, this thought had literally messed up my life for so many years. If you’re also the one who often get triggered by this feeling, then here are some questions that you instantly need to ask yourself.

  • Where does this thought of doing more came from?
  • Do I really want this or am I trying to prove something to someone?
  • Is it really going to help me or I’m just adding another task on my to-do list?
  • What is the purpose of doing more of anything?
  • Is it really going to serve me in the long run or am I imitating someone?

If you’ll train your mind to do things with more intentions, then you’ll not feel like doing more of anything unnecessarily.

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Create some space in your routine

It’s very significant to add a blank timeblock in your schedule, at least once a week. In this timblock, you don’t have to include any task but enjoy some alone time with yourself or do the activities that you really enjoy doing. On these days, I would advice you not to check your mails or anything work-related.

This doesn’t go only with your weekly routine, but you also need to create some space in your daily routine that separates your work life and personal time. Before jumping into e-mails or social media first thing in the morning, do something that keeps you happy and mindful throughout the day. This will help you to achieve the much-needed balance in your life. And will also result in increased productivity.

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Do you have hustle mentality?

I hope this post has encouraged you to not being too forceful and harsh on yourself. And you have found the ways to pause down your hustle mode and cherish the slow life.

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My name is Shweta Thangri. I truly believe that our life is shaped by our thoughts, so I’m here to make change in your lives with my practically acknowledged skills and help you meet your higher self.

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