If you’ve been asked what your greatest strength is – How likely would you say Self-awareness? Even though you’re a self aware person, still this is not the first thing that will cross your mind. The problem is that self-awareness is so underrated and most people don’t even realize how valuable this trait is.

But do you know how unstoppable force you are if you have the conscious knowledge of your feelings, motives and desires. It can be one of your greatest asset but unfortunately, so many people don’t even realize how incredible this gift is.

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the power of self-awareness

Well, self-awareness is your greatest asset because it helps you to get the clear picture of – Why you’re behaving in a certain way. When you’re aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and sentiments, it helps you to get better clarity about different things and situations. Not only this, if you have awareness of yourself – your strengths, weaknesses, traits, intentions and priorities, it can lead you to a different level of life. It can also help you to achieve desired goals, make sound decisions, improved relationships and cultivate inner peace.


Self-awareness is that powerful tool which can lead you anywhere you want in life as long as you are aware about how to use it positively. Here are six reasons why self-awareness plays an imperative role in your life.


1.You get to know your strengths and weaknesses

It helps a person to be aware about his/her strengths and shortcomings. When you know what you’re good and bad at, you can easily work on polishing your strengths. On the flip side, you accept your shortcomings and take the time to learn from them. It helps you to approach your goals in a realistic way.

2. You’re aware about your emotions and it can help you to respond wisely

Self-awareness helps you to understand why you’re feeling in a certain way. And the great part is that instead of instantly burning out, you accept that moment and decide how you want to react to that feeling. Its completely your choice whether you want to react or respond. You know its your decision whether you want to let it go, embrace and learn from it or getting overwhelmed.

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3. You get to know when you have unkind thoughts

When you’ve awareness about your thoughts, you can recognize the unkind thoughts that come into your mind. And if not much, you can at least make an effort to change for the way you think. I know its not possible to stay positive all the time (let’s face it) but if you’re aware why you’re feeling negative at the moment, you can at least make an effort to bring positivity over unkind and negative emotions.

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4. You respect your boundaries

Being a self-aware person helps you to be clear about your priorities and values. When you’re clear about what is acceptable to you and what is not, it can help you to set boundaries for yourself and not letting anyone cross the line. This powerful tool helps you to not let anyone take the charge to treat you in an unacceptable way. And alongside, you’ll not settle for anything less than you deserve.

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5. You’re mindful of what you do

When you’re aware about your strengths, weakness, traits, values, priorities and boundaries, you act with purpose. You’re more wiser with your words and intentional about the way you behave and respond to situations and people. So basically you use all the traits which are mentioned in this blog post to help guide you in whatever you do.

6. You’re more realistic with yourself

As I mentioned earlier, a self-aware person knows about his/her traits which helps them to be realistic with themselves. When you’re aware about your strengths and weakness, you would be able to make realistic decision for yourself. You will not imitate others or set unrealistic goals for yourself. You’ll rather utilize your own skills to conquer in this lifetime.

Do you think self-awareness is a powerful tool? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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