To all my lovely readers – Before starting today’s blog, I have something special to announce.

Lots of you were asking me to share my travel interests and lifestyle choices through my blog. Earlier, I was not really sure about adding these categories in my web blog. Because my niche is more about self-care and personal growth. But after giving a thought to this matter for one whole month, I’ve finally came to a conclusion of adding both these categories in my blog. Because after all, if I won’t be able to deliver what my readers want, then there’s no sense of writing the blogs. So, thank you for sharing your idea of adding some more to Psychicstrong.

Once in a year, go to a place you’ve never been before – DALAI LAMA


What’s the definition of travelling for you? Well Wikipedia says, Travelling is the movement of people from one geographical location to another. But is it really true? Is travelling really limited to visiting new places only? I believe the definition of travelling is becoming wider and vaster. People nowadays, are really setting some realistic and amazing goals in terms of travelling. And I believe we should be grateful to internet which has helped to expose the places that we were not even aware about.


So, my predilection towards travelling started with a holy trip.

6 years ago in the last week of December, 2016, I was standing bewildered while I was trying to make sense of what direction my life was heading. An unsatisfying job that I left, a failed business that I started and lots of mixed emotions which were exhausting me emotionally and mentally. Left with few bucks in my pocket and beyond all the emotions, I decided to take myself to a trip to rejuvenate my mind and with the hope of stepping into another year with a fresh and positive mindset.

Shri Patna Sahib

I went on a trip to Patna on the occasion of 350th birthday of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. That was the first time where my trip was not only limited to visiting the tourist spots or local markets, but I got the opportunity to explore the culture of that place. It was the first time when I actually stepped out of my comfort zone and tried new activities, talked to random strangers, tried local foods, travelled in a train for whole three days. And believe me, it was an experience that helped me to connect with my real self. A self that was hidden somewhere, lost somewhere.


Five reasons why travelling is a therapy

Well this trip didn’t turn me into a full-time traveler because of course, I had other priorities at that point. And I’m sure unlike me, you too must have a different set of priorities. However, the purpose of this post is to make you realize why you should take yourself to a trip or some new adventures (atleast once or twice in a year). Here’s why I believe travelling is a good form of therapy.

Travelling breaks the monotony of life

If you’re bored with your daily repetitive mundane routines, then taking yourself to some place can never be a bad option. I’m not saying you to take yourself to luxury trips, but you can also start by exploring local places and trying new fun activities.

Travel broadens the horizon of mind

Obviously when you go out of your cubicle life, you get to know there’s so much out in this world to experience about. Different places, diverse cultures, different people with different stories – These experiences help you to know that how unimportant and irrelevant some things are, about which we were holding strong opinions. It ultimately helps you to become more open minded.

Travel teaches you to live in the present moment


To be honest, I believe travel not only teaches you to live in the present moment, but it also teaches you to fall in love with the present moment. I think it’s a natural process. The mind usually stays there with you in that moment focusing on the adventure at hand or serenity around you. There’s no time to overthink about the past or obsessing about the future. Try watching sunsets, sky brimming with stars, greenery around you and observe how soothing it is.

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Makes you a fearless person

If you expect that while travelling, everything will go according to your set-in-stone plans, then it’s not the case. I remember when I went to Patna, I didn’t pre-book a hotel. And owing to heavy crowd of tourists, I had to struggle looking for a hotel after three days of journey. And guess what, I end up staying at a home stay accommodation. It was definitely a risk for me because believing a stranger at an all new place was not easy. But it taught me to take risks wisely and build confidence within me to tackle the situations at my own.

Helps you to test your limits

Being a sinus prone, I have to struggle with extreme migraines sometimes. And it’s not easy for me to cherish hiking at high altitude. But last year, I covered up the snowline hiking in just one day which is at the height of 10,000 feet. We went there and reached back to Mcleod on same day.

girl in the snow

I know it’s a cup of tea for many. But in my case, my health issues were always holding me back to do such activities. But this trek made me realize that the thing that actually holds you back is your own limiting belief. So if you really want to know your limits and discover that you’re actually a limitless person, then take risks and conquer them.


Travelling is something which helps you to grow as an individual. So if you’re really looking forward to bring some positive changes in your life, travelling is one of the best way. I’m not saying to do a big hole in your pocket and go out for international trips or luxury tours. Just go out and start doing it by travelling to the local places around you. But this time when you go out, please don’t limit yourself. Try new activities like talking to a stranger about that place. Or may be asking someone where you can get a good food. Do something you’ve never tried before.

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